Our Drinks

We serve a variety of delicious hot drinks, both classic and speciality.  Our latest menu can be viewed below. All drinks can be finished with a sprinkling of Belgian chocolate flakes, drizzled with chocolate sauce or dusted with cinnamon.

You can download our menu and brochure here

Our Classic Drinks


Classic strong Italian coffee


Espresso with a dash of dense frothed milk


Espresso con Panna
Espresso topped with whipped cream


Espresso with hot water


Espresso with steamed milk and a dense layer of froth. Dusted with real Belgian chocolate flakes


Caffé Latte
Espresso with steamed milk and a head of foam


Caffé Mocha
Espresso and chocolate sauce mixed together and topped up with steamed milk


Hot Chocolate
Dark or white chocolate sauce with steamed milk and a head of foam.


A range of teas including Breakfast, Earl Grey and Green tea. Other speciality teas available on request.

Our Speciality Drinks

Kitty O’Sheas
Espresso, steamed milk, Irish syrup, vanilla syrup


Strawberry Mocha
Espresso, dark chocolate sauce, steamed milk, strawberry syrup, whipped cream


Nutty Caramel Latte
Espresso, steamed milk, caramel syrup, hazelnut syrup


Caffé Milano
Espresso, steamed milk, vanilla syrup, hazelnut syrup


Mint Chocolate
Dark chocolate sauce, steamed milk, mint syrup, whipped cream


Cappuccino Chocomojito
Espresso, white chocolate sauce, steamed milk, mint syrup


Chocolate Snowflake
White chocolate, frothed milk, Cadbury’s flake


Chocolate Delight
Dark chocolate sauce, steamed milk, whipped cream, marshmallows, Cadbury’s flake


Blend of dark chocolate and white chocolate sauce, dusted with chocolate flakes

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